Voices: July/August 2015

We Are Flowers & Bullets

July 9, 2015

Issue 13: July/August 2015Voices

Flowers are the art and bullets are the struggle. We are organizers creating outlets for under-served youth and communities, which highlight the life we live and the places that we come from. By sharing skills, promoting place-based and culturally relevant connections to the barrio, and listening to each others’ stories, we promote sustainable ways of living. These ways of life address some of the traumas in our community, caused by disproportionate minority incarceration, drug addiction, physical and mental violence, food insecurity, health issues, and economic disparities. We believe food is a good way to address all these issues.


From left to right: Alfonzo Chavez, Jacob Robles, Enrique Garcia, Marisela Reinhard, Dora Martinez, Javier Talamante, Esme Talamante, Selina Talamante, Ayden Alexander, Brandon Alexander, Jennifer Platt, Marcos Perez, Michelle Gradall, Jesus Romero, Alex Peterson, Esteban Voltares, Jeronimo Madril


What makes you proud to eat in Baja Arizona?


“Culinary traditions passed on from elder generations.”

Alfonso “Fonz” Edan Chavez, 23


“I’m proud to eat in Baja Arizona because of the stories of our families, history, and traditions that are carried within the food.”

Jacob Robles, 25


“I look at the food prepared by my people as a symbol of resistance. Tortillas, frijoles, and rice are all you need to realize: la raza eats history, one spoonful at a time.”

Enrique Garcia Naranjo, 20


“There are many reasons to be proud of the food we eat here. I think it all boils down to connections. To the land, to the growers, to our relatives, to our history. Eating here provides us with a sense of place.”

Dora Martinez, 27


“Fresh, home grown fruits, veggies, and traditional Mexican recipes handed down from our past generations. That makes me proud to eat here.”

Selina Talamante, 37


“I enjoy eating food from here because of all of the beautiful native and Sonoran influences. Makes you proud to be from Tucson’s barrios.”

Brandon Alexander, 24


“There are many things that make me proud to eat here, from growing your own garden to raising your own meat and eggs. Just living off the land, going to farmers’ markets, trying new recipes and traditional ones.”

Jennifer Platt


“It’s easy to miss the culture traditions and languages that make up our city but if you look hard enough and smell around in the right Barrio, you’ll find Nana getting down on homemade tortillas—that’s what makes me proud.”

Jesus “Tito” Romero, 26


“I am proud to eat in Baja Arizona because of all the different indigenous cultures that exist. Being Native American, I’m happy to see traditional foods have a presence.”

Alexander Peterson, 22


“I’m very proud to eat in this region. Makes me proud to eat sustainably … providing good food for my family, generations of traditional Sonoran recipes.”

Esteban Voltares, 34


“Eating local ingredients. From cooking in my own kitchen, using local produce from the Flowers & Bullets gardens, to getting ingredients from the farmers around Tucson. Growing and supporting local business is what makes me proud to just live in Tucson.”

Jeronimo “Mo” Madril, 25

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